Penny's Sword - RWBY - Part 2

11 minute read Published:

Salutations! Welcome to the second part of my post on my replica of Penny’s Sword from Rooster Teeth’s animated web show RWBY. If you haven’t read part 1, go ahead and check it out. When we left off, most of the parts were shaped and primed but not yet assembled. This time we’ll get into the painting, and some of it might be hard to visualize so take a look at the tournarounds if you’re not sure what I mean.

Penny's Sword - RWBY - Part 1

12 minute read Published:

In this post, I’ll show you how I built a light-up replica of Penny Polendina’s unnamed swords from Rooster Teeth’s excellent animated web show RWBY. RWBY is what originally got me into propmaking - I’ve already made Yang’s Ember Celica shotgauntlets and Adam’s Wilt & Blush Sword/Shotgun Combo. This is the first time I’ve documented my process, so hopefully you find it useful. Blueprints & Design First, a quick overview of how I intended to do this build.