[][src]Struct criterion::measurement::WallTime

pub struct WallTime;

WallTime is the default measurement in Criterion.rs. It measures the elapsed time from the beginning of a series of iterations to the end.

Trait Implementations

impl Measurement for WallTime[src]

type Intermediate = Instant

This type represents an intermediate value for the measurements. It will be produced by the start function and passed to the end function. An example might be the wall-clock time as of the start call. Read more

type Value = Duration

This type is the measured value. An example might be the elapsed wall-clock time between the start and end calls. Read more

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for WallTime

impl Send for WallTime

impl Sync for WallTime

impl Unpin for WallTime

impl UnwindSafe for WallTime

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