Struct criterion::PlotConfiguration[][src]

pub struct PlotConfiguration { /* fields omitted */ }

Contains the configuration options for the plots generated by a particular benchmark or benchmark group.

use self::criterion::{Bencher, Criterion, Benchmark, PlotConfiguration, AxisScale};

let plot_config = PlotConfiguration::default()

// Using Criterion::default() for simplicity; normally you'd use the macros.
let mut criterion = Criterion::default();
let mut benchmark_group = criterion.benchmark_group("Group name");
// Use benchmark group


impl PlotConfiguration[src]

pub fn summary_scale(self, new_scale: AxisScale) -> PlotConfiguration[src]

Set the axis scale (linear or logarithmic) for the summary plots. Typically, you would set this to logarithmic if benchmarking over a range of inputs which scale exponentially. Defaults to linear.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for PlotConfiguration[src]

impl Debug for PlotConfiguration[src]

impl Default for PlotConfiguration[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for PlotConfiguration

impl Send for PlotConfiguration

impl Sync for PlotConfiguration

impl Unpin for PlotConfiguration

impl UnwindSafe for PlotConfiguration

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