Enum criterion::SamplingMode[][src]

pub enum SamplingMode {

This enum allows the user to control how Criterion.rs chooses the iteration count when sampling. The default is Auto, which will choose a method automatically based on the iteration time during the warm-up phase.



Criterion.rs should choose a sampling method automatically. This is the default, and is recommended for most users and most benchmarks.


Scale the iteration count in each sample linearly. This is suitable for most benchmarks, but it tends to require many iterations which can make it very slow for very long benchmarks.


Keep the iteration count the same for all samples. This is not recommended, as it affects the statistics that Criterion.rs can compute. However, it requires fewer iterations than the Linear method and therefore is more suitable for very long-running benchmarks where benchmark execution time is more of a problem and statistical precision is less important.

Trait Implementations

impl Clone for SamplingMode[src]

impl Copy for SamplingMode[src]

impl Debug for SamplingMode[src]

Auto Trait Implementations

impl RefUnwindSafe for SamplingMode

impl Send for SamplingMode

impl Sync for SamplingMode

impl Unpin for SamplingMode

impl UnwindSafe for SamplingMode

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