Module criterion::measurement[][src]

This module defines a set of traits that can be used to plug different measurements (eg. Unix’s Processor Time, CPU or GPU performance counters, etc.) into It also includes the WallTime struct which defines the default wall-clock time measurement.



WallTime is the default measurement in It measures the elapsed time from the beginning of a series of iterations to the end.



Trait for all types which define something can measure. The only measurement currently provided is WallTime, but third party crates or benchmarks may define more.


Trait providing functions to format measured values to string so that they can be displayed on the command line or in the reports. The functions of this trait take measured values in f64 form; implementors can assume that the values are of the same scale as those produced by the associated MeasuredValue (eg. if your measurement produces values in nanoseconds, the values passed to the formatter will be in nanoseconds).